I. Definitions

The terms used in hereby Rules have the meaning as follows:

1. Client – a natural person, a legal person or an organizational entity not being a legal person, in which a statute vests legal capacity, placing an Order with the Store;

2. Civil Code – Act of 23 April 1964 (Legal Journal No. 16, pos. 93 as amended); 

3. Consumer - A user who is a consumer pursuant to article 221 of Civil Code - act of 23 April 1964 (consolidated text Legal Journal of 2014 pos. 121 as amended);

4. Rules – hereby rules of electronically supplied services at the internet store WOODY-WOODY.PL;

5. Store – an Internet website available at http://woody-woody.eu, by means of which the Client may, in particular, place Orders;

6. Seller – Monika Stanke-Rusin, domiciled in Warsaw at ul. Krzyżówki 36A/37 03-193 Warsaw, acting as an individual entrepreneur Monika Stanke-Rusin, NIP no. 7962600936

7. Goods – a movable item described in the Store, which may be a subject of a Sale Agreement;

8. Sale Agreement – a sale agreement of Goods pursuant to Civil Code, executed between the Seller and the Client using the Store’s online service;

9. Consumer Rights Act – Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights (Legal Journal of 2014 pos. 827);

10. Electronically Supplied Services Act – Act of 18 July 2022 on Electronically Supplied Services (Legal Journal no. 144, pos. 1204 as amended);

11. Order – a Client’s declaration of intent directly leading to the conclusion of a Sale Agreement, defining in particular the kind and the amount of ordered Goods. 

II. General provisions

2.1. Hereby Rules define the principles of using the internet store available at http://woody-woody.eu.

2.2. Hereby Rules are rules as per article 8 of the Electronically Supplied Services Act.

2.3. The internet store maintained under the brand Woody Woody is managed by the Seller.

2.4. Hereby Rules define in particular:

a) terms and conditions of placing electronic Orders within the Store;

b) terms of concluding Sale Agreements using the services provided within the Store.

2.5. Using the Store is only possible upon fulfilling the following minimum technical conditions by the online IT service used by the Client:

a) an Internet browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera, updated to its newest version.

2.6. In order to use the Store the Client should, at his/her own discretion, obtain access to a computer post or a device with Internet access. The Client should also have an e-mail account.

2.7. In accordance with applicable laws, the Seller reserves the right to restrict providing services via the Internet Store to persons who are at least the age of 18. In such an event the potential Clients will be notified of the same. 

2.8. Clients may access these Rules at any time via a hyperlink located on the main page of the store [http://woody-woody.eu/page/terms-and-conditions], download and print it.

2.9. Information on Goods made available on the Store’s websites, in particular their technical and utility parameters and their prices are invitations to treat pursuant to Article 71 of Civil Code. 

III. Terms of using the Internet Store

3.1. Purchase of Goods via the Store by the Client is only possible after prior completion of a form containing personal data necessary to complete the Order. 

3.2. The Client is in particular obliged to:

a) make use of the Store in a manner which does not disrupt its functioning, in particular by using a particular software or devices,

b) make use all of the content made available in the Store for personal use only,

c) make use of the internet Store in a manner compliant with applicable laws of the Republic of Poland, provisions of hereby Rules and the general terms of using the Internet web. 

3.3. The Store, provided when individually agreed with the Seller, does not conduct wholesale.

IV. The procedure of concluding a Sale Agreement

4.1. In order to conclude a Sales Agreement via the Store, one should enter the Internet website http://woody-woody.pl, choose Goods, and if the Goods are subject to further specification as per the Client’s choice, define the specification in the following manner, establishing:

a)         regarding each kind of the Tripod Lamp (oak/sycamore/ash/walnut/mahogany), Tripod Mini and Emu Lamp chosen from among the elements made available on the list next to the Goods description:

- lampshade

-  the color of the power cable

b)         regarding Dining Room Table 468, the size chosen from the sizes of the table made available on the list;

c)         regarding Dryer 156, the chosen color of the string;

by undertaking subsequent technical actions based on the communications and information provided to the Client on the Store’s website.

4.2. Photographs and descriptions of Goods in the Store are supposed to reflect their physical characteristics to the fullest extent possible, however, on account of each product being handmade, each item will have unique features and will, to some extent, differ from the items pictured in the photographs uploaded to the Store’s internet website. In particular, wood used as a material for some of the Goods, as a fully natural material, may differ to some extent as far as the shade or the arrangement of veins are concerned as compared to the Goods in the photographs uploaded to the Store’s internet website. The Client hereby acknowledges and accepts the above. 

4.3 The choice of Goods ordered by the Client is made via adding them to basket.

4.4. In the course of placing an Order - until the moment of pressing the “Place order” button - the Client may modify the entered data and the chosen Goods. To this end, the Client should follow the communications and information provided to the Client on the Store’s website.  

4.5. After the Client using the Store has provided all the necessary data a summary of the placed Order will be displayed. A summary of each Order will contain information regarding:

a) subject matter of the order,

b) unit price and joint price of ordered products or services, including delivery costs and additional costs (if applicable),

c) chosen payment method,

d) chosen delivery method.

4.5. In order to send the Order the Client must accept the Rules (which is a confirmation that they will be binding between the Client and the seller), must provide the personal data marked as required and must press the “Place order” button.

4.6. Sending the Order by the Client is a confirmation of his/her declaration of intent to conclude a Sale Agreement with the Seller (purchase offer) in accordance with the Rules.

4.7 After the Client has placed an order pursuant to 4.6 above the Seller will send to the Client’s electronic mail address a message titled as “Thank you for your Order” confirming the receipt of the purchase offer. This message is not an acceptance of the offer.

4.8. The acceptance of the purchase offer by the Seller is made by sending to the Client’s electronic mail address a separate message titled as “Order Confirmation”. 

4.9 The Sale Agreement is concluded and becomes binding between the Seller and the Client with the moment of delivery to the Client’s electronic mail server of the Buyer the Order Confirmation (an e-mail message with subject line “Order Confirmation”). Delivery of the electronic e-mail message with subject line “Order Confirmation” is deemed as complete on the day when this message is received by the electronic mail server hosting the e-mail address submitted by the Buyer in the electronic form of the Order. 

4.10. The Sale Agreement is concluded in English and its contents are specified by the Rules. 

V. Delivery

5.1. Delivery of Goods is restricted to the territory of the Republic of Poland and is made to the address submitted by the Client in the course of placing the Order,subject to 5.3 hereof.

5.2. Delivery of ordered Goods is made by courier service or personal collection. Delivery costs are calculated individually for each of the Goods within the Order procedure.

5.3. The Consumer requesting delivery to other UE country is entitled to place the Order pursuant to section IV hereof indicating the post code of the requested delivery. The Seller replying to the Consumer’s Order shall confirm both possibility as well as the final costs of the delivery to the address indicated by the Consumer. Consumer’s e-mail confirming acceptance of the final costs of delivery shall supplement his initial Order. Costs of delivery presented in store available at http://woody-woody.eu are merely average costs of delivery to the UE countries. The Consumer, upon acceptance of the final costs of delivery, shall pay the Seller the difference between accepted final costs of delivery and average costs of delivery presented in store available at http://woody-woody.eu (if any).

5.4. Delivery realization time is between 7 and 21 business days (with the exception of Dining Room Table 486, the delivery time of which is up to 28 days) since placing the Order by the Client.

5.5. Recording, securing and sharing with the Client the relevant provisions of the Sale agreement of Goods is done by sending to the Client to the submitted e-mail address and attaching to the package containing the Goods a print out of confirmation, an Order specification and a VAT invoice.

VI. Prices and methods of payment

6.1. Prices of the Goods are in Euro and contain value added tax - VAT (with the tax rate specified).

6.2. The entity providing online payments management is Blue Media S.A.

6.3. The Client may pay the price:

a) via the PayPal system

b) via Shoplo Payments system using the following debit cards:
         - Visa 
          - Visa Electron 
          - MasterCard 
          - MasterCard Electronic 
          - Maestro

VII. Right of withdrawal 

7.1 A Client who is a Consumer may withdraw from the Sale Agreement within 14 days without giving any reasons.

7.2. The deadline for withdrawal from the Sale Agreement expires after the lapse of 14 days since the day the Consumer has acquired possession of the item or when a third party other than the carrier, appointed by the Consumer has acquired possession of the item. 

7.3. To execute the right of withdrawal the Consumer must inform the Seller, Monika Stanke-Rusin,  ul. Krzyżówki 36A/37, 03-193 Warsaw, Poland e-mail address: hello@woody-woody.pl about his/her decision to withdraw from the Sale Agreement by means of an unambiguous statement (for example a letter sent via post or e-mail).

7.4 Declaration of withdrawal of the Sale Agreement may be done using  a form as per the template attached hereby, however it is not mandatory.

7.5 To maintain the deadline for withdrawing the agreement it will suffice that the Consumer sends the information regarding the execution of right of withdrawal before the lapse of the deadline to withdraw from the agreement.

7.6. If the Sale Agreement has been withdrawn from, Consumer will be immediately reimbursed for any payments received from the Consumer, including delivery costs (except the additional costs due to the Consumer choosing a different delivery method than the least expensive ordinary delivery method offered by the Seller), and in any event no later than within 14 days since the Seller has been informed of the Consumer’s decision of executing the right of withdrawal. Reimbursement shall be done using the same means of payment that the Consumer used during the original transaction unless the Consumer expressly agrees to another solution; nevertheless, the Consumer will bear no costs of reimbursement. The Seller may withhold the reimbursement until the Seller has received the item or until receipt of proof of dispatch, whichever is earlier.

7.7. If the Sale Agreement has been withdrawn from, the Consumer must return the item immediately and in any event no later than within 14 days since he/she has informed the Seller of the withdrawal from the Sale Agreement. The deadline is maintained if the Consumer sends the item back before the lapse of 14 days. Consumer must bear the direct costs of returning the item.

7.8. The Consumer is only liable for the diminishment in value of the item stemming from using it in a manner different than was necessary to confirm the character, features and functionality of the item.

VIII. Complaints regarding Goods

8.1. The Seller is liable to a Client who is a Consumer upon warranty for defects in the scope as per the Civil Code, in particular article 556 and articles 556[1] to 556[3] of the Civil Code.

8.2 If the purchased Goods has defects for which the Seller is liable, notifying the Seller should be done via electronic e-mail address: hello@woody-woody.pl           

8.3 The Seller shall respond to the Client’s request immediately, however no later than within 14 days. Reply to the complaint shall be sent to the e-mail address submitted by the Client.

IX. Complaints regarding electronically supplied services

9.1. The Seller shall undertake actions in order to ensure the proper functioning of the Store to the extent possible according to the current technical knowledge and shall remove any irregularities notified by Clients within a reasonable time. 

9.2. The Client shall immediately notify the Seller of any irregularities or disruptions in functioning of the Store.

9.3. Irregularities connected to the functioning of the Store Clients may notify via e-mail to hello@woody-woody.pl.

9.4. In a complaint the Client shall provide their name and last name, mailing address, type and date of the occurrence of the irregularity connected to the functioning of the Store.

9.5. The Seller shall consider each complaint within 14 days and if it is impossible, the Seller shall inform the Client within this term about when the complaint will be considered.

X. Miscellaneous

10.1. Resolution of possible disputes which may arise between the Seller and the Client who is a Consumer  will be subject to competent courts as per the applicable provisions of the Code of Civil Proceedings.

10.2. Resolution of possible disputes between the Seller and a Client who is not a Consumer will be subject to competent court in the jurisdiction applicable for the Seller.

10.3. In matters not regulated by these Rules, Civil Code provisions, Electronic Supplied Services Act and other applicable provisions of Polish laws apply. 




(this form must be completed and sent back only with the intent of withdrawing from of the agreement)

Woody Woody
Monika Stanke-Rusin
ul. Krzyżówki 36A/37
03-193 Warsaw

I, __________________________, domiciled at ________________________________ hereby inform that I withdraw from of the sale agreement regarding the following items:___________________________________________________________ dated _______________ .


          Date and Consumer’s signature

(signature only if the form is sent in hard copy)